Vision statement

We are concentrating provide excellent products and services. Perfect Power Line is concerning on
environmental, human right, corporate citizenship and the best company to do business with.

Mission statement

We are committed to realising the expectations of customers, staff, partners and the community.
We will commit our promises to be best organization to do business with by continuing improve new
products and services to satisfy our stakeholders.

Commitment to people

We believe our first responsibility is to provide our customer with the best quality of products& services
and meet the customers need.

We are responsible to our employees and we are providing the good working conditions to be safe
and clean and.

Every worker also has the same opportunity to work which is base on ethical.

Commitment to the Future

We are confident to continue increase profit and growth our organization to meet our stake holders,
employees and customers need. We must develop new products and services to meet out stakeholders
meet all the time.

Commitment to Standard of Conduct

Our fundamental policy is to make a positive contribution and proactive in every where that we operate,
to increase trust, respect to our clients, workers and stakeholders.

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibilities

We are responsible to environment and communities which we live and work with and also we are
supporting charities and education organizations to be a good citizen and improve our social.

We constantly seek new approaches that help realize the goals of the world community,
including ways to improve the global environment.